In the current economic environment, operating a successful medical practice requires acknowledgement of the importance of effective management and leadership.

Your business’s skills in management will impact on the ongoing sustainability and viability of your practice. Influencing:

  • The efficiency and profitability of your business
  • The effectiveness and quality of the patient care of your practice
  • The enjoyment and quality of your work life and those of your team

Professional Management Solutions (PMS) provides consulting and contract management services to healthcare professionals and practices. Our approach is to meet the practitioner and the practice where they are at, and together develop the business to meet its goals. PMS makes the difference in the business sphere of management through – dollars, people, risk and quality.

PMS services are always tailored to the specific needs of the individual client. The scope of services for both consulting and contract work includes:

  • Development of effective financial management systems
  • Facilitating development of strategic direction
  • Quality management through policy and procedure development
  • Working with groups to develop team performance
  • Staff recruitment, development and retention, including training and mentoring
  • Development of growth and sustainability strategies
  • Analysis of information technology and management software applications
  • Risk management and Disaster Recovery planning